C4127X Compatible Cartridge for HP LaserJet 4000, 4050


Q5942X Compatible Toner for HP LaserJet 4250, 4350

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does my page come out with lines or dots every 4 inches or so down the page?

Answer: The toner cartridge drum may have been damaged or exposed to a light source outside of the printer for too long. Keep the Cartridge inside the printer for several hours then try and run several test pages to see if the markings go away. If they are dots that repeat every 3 3/4 inches apart, then the drum has likely been damaged and the only way to correct this would be to replace the cartridge. Some people keep this cartridge as an emergency spare, or use it for draft document printing.

2. My page comes out with heavy gray dot-like images all over the paper - like toner has been splotched all over it - why?

Answer: Some cartridges have very close tolerances, some do not. If a printer and the toner cartridge is used very little, and they have been in a humid environment, some cartridges may create a phenomena known as "blade flip." We recommend that you remove the cartridge from the printer, open the drum flap on the cartridge. If you see the same markings on the drum surface, then the cartridge will need to be replaced. If you do not see the same markings on the drum surface, carefully reinstall the cartridge and run One (1) test print. If the blade flip is still present, replace the cartridge with a different one. This happens most often in HP4000 and HP4100 cartridges. Rarely in others.

3. My page has come out completely blank - what should I do?

Answer: First, you should verify that the printer is the reason for this happening. Without changing anything, run a test print. (See your user’s manual). If the test print comes out OK, you should purge any print jobs and try rebooting your system then try the job again. If the test print comes out blank, then try a different toner cartridge, or try the current one in a different printer. If the cartridge is good, then you probably need to call a service technician. Also, make sure that you have pulled any toner strips from the cartridge before calling the technician!

4. I installed a new toner cartridge and now all I get is Black pages - what should I do?

Answer: More often than not, the toner cartridge has been improperly installed or is defective. Carefully remove and reinstall the cartridge according to your user's manual. If this does not correct the problem, try putting in your old cartridge again to verify if the problem is the new cartridge or the printer. If the old cartridge runs totally black pages, then you need to call a service technician. If it runs anything other than totally black pages, then try a different toner cartridge.

5. OK, how do I place an order or actually talk to someone about my printer?

Answer: Just call (336) 379-9964 to speak to someone about your printer or place an order!
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